Steel Drum Band Makes Canterbury Debut

Co-band director Zachary Deeter is excited to add the steel drum band to the repertoire of the Canterbury music department this academic year. 
What might look like just trash cans to the eye, is music to the ears of Mr. Deeter and his students.

"I'm so excited to be bringing this program to Canterbury," said Deeter, who taught this program seven years ago at Island Coast High School. "I really like the instruments because it is something that almost anyone can pick up.... you don't need prior experience. Case in point, a lot of the new students haven't done music before and I already got them to play a song."

Deeter is looking forward to bringing all different types of students together, having them find a common ground, bond, and cultivate teamwork... all through an unconventional way of music.

Watch the video to learn more about the exciting new steel drum band on campus and where they may be performing next!