Fifth Grade Explores Successful Study Skills

Moving up to Middle School is certainly an exciting adventure full of different challenges. From additional opportunities to unfamiliar responsibilities, it is a whole new world for our fifth-grade students. That includes learning how to stay organized and study effectively. 
This week, Miss Clapper gathered the Class of 2029 together for a special discussion on study skills. Two of our Upper School students, Elle E. ’23 and Will H. ’24, joined the group to answer questions about everything from time management to motivation. 

Both Will and Elle discussed the importance of picking a quiet place and removing distractions as you sit down to study. “I will give my mom my phone and tell her not to give it back to me until I am done with an assignment,” shared Elle. She also talked about taking breaks while studying to keep your brain fresh. 

When it comes to how to study, Will shared some good tips. “I like to review my notes and go over the homework that we have done. It usually gives a good indication of what will be on the test.” Elle echoed those tips and also noted that writing things down is helpful. 

Some of the other advice included using a planner, monitoring Cougar Campus regularly, and making lists. Miss Clapper also shared a visual demonstration about time management and putting the most important elements of your day first in order to balance everything you need to accomplish. Special thanks to Miss Clapper as well as Elle and Will for taking the time to meet with our fifth-graders!