Middle and Upper Schools Host Honor Assemblies

Canterbury students recently gathered together for special assemblies to reflect on the importance of our school’s Honor Code.
I will act honorably, respecting myself and others;
I will not lie, cheat, steal, or plagiarize.

“To me, the Honor Code is about being a good person, using sound judgment, and exhibiting good character,” shared Head of School Rick Kirschner. 

For our Upper School, students in our Honor Council and Student Council put together a special video with members of our faculty where they shared what the Honor Code means to them. Click here to view the video message. 

In our Middle School, students learned about the Honor Code through a special panel of faculty members. Students asked questions about everything from respect and honesty to plagiarism. Coach Matt Booth wrapped up the assembly with a focus on blame vs. responsibility. “Our Honor Code is about taking responsibility for ourselves and others. That’s how you are going to build trust,” shared Coach Booth.