Alumni Eric Rubenstein ’00 Speaks to Upper School Students

Canterbury School would like to thank Eric Rubenstein '00 for returning to campus to speak to our Upper School students as a part of our Leadership Institute for Tomorrow (LIFT) Lecture Series. Eric enlightened our students to the world of sustainability investing, while also encouraging them to keep an open mind to their path as sometimes it just takes time to uncover the many opportunities available.
"When I was in school I didn’t really know what my job options were and talks like this would have broadened my perspective of what kind of jobs were possible and how to get there," shared Eric.

Eric received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Yale University. He also received his MBA from Temple University with a concentration on Global Business and Entrepreneurship. He currently works with New Climate Ventures, a venture capital firm investing in innovative carbon reduction and avoidance technology companies. Eric lives with his wife and four daughters in Houston, Texas. 

Click below to watch Eric’s presentation: