Lower School Character Council Shares 'The Spirit of Giving'

As we inch closer to the final weeks of 2021, our Lower School Character Council has challenged its peers with one final project for the year, The Spirit of Giving.
At the Lower School Assembly on Thursday, members of the council read a book called A Little Spot of Giving. The book describes the many "gifts" that we can give to one another that come from the heart. After reading the book, council members challenged fellow students to focus on being intentional gift-givers, focusing on one thing they could do for someone else each week.

Below is the weekly schedule of gifts and a related challenge question the council came up with for the Lower School community to follow along with:
  • Helping- November 18-28- How did you help someone this week?
  • Friendship- November 29- December 5- How were you a good friend this week?
  • Teamwork (cooperation)- December 6-12, How did you show good teamwork by cooperating with other this week?
  • Sharing- December 13-17- How did you share with others this week?
Students will be able to document their weekly, intentional acts of kindness through special "gift" forms, where the students will be able to write or draw a picture of their action. The council will display the submitted forms throughout the halls.

We look forward to the many "gifts" given in the weeks to come as we celebrate 'The Spirit of Giving'.