Artist Spotlight: "I Don't Want to Talk About It" Cast

The Canterbury Arts Department would like to shine the spotlight on the cast of "I Don't Want to Talk About It" and their SUPERIOR performance.
On Tuesday, November 16, our theatre students traveled to Boca Raton for the District Thespians One-Act Competition where they performed their one-act "I Don't Want to Talk About It". 

The district competition is student-led from start to finish. They have to load their own sets, make all cue and directional calls without the help of their teachers. The Canterbury Theatre Department was one of 13 one-acts, walking away with a SUPERIOR, the highest mark a troupe can receive. With 90 points being a perfect show, the cast received an 86.
"All I can say is that this was pure theatre," said one judge. "It was raw, thought-provoking, exciting, and emotional."

Another judge added, "This was pretty near perfect... it was virtually flawless."

The Canterbury cast now awaits a final ruling from the judges as to which two programs will move on to the state competition. The panel is set to announce its two finalists on December 11.