Artist Spotlight: Seventh Grade Artists

The Canterbury Arts Department would like to shine a light on six, seventh-grade artists for their work on emulating two master artists this semester: Chase M. '27, Corinne E. '27, Lana H. '27, Nadaa B. '27, and Zach S. '27.
During the first semester of school, these seventh graders have been learning how to paint like a master in Mr. Percivall's art class with the illusion of depth created by one point perspective-- light, medium and dark paint value. 

"I've been very impressed with these individuals over the first half of this year," said Mr. Percivall. "They have stretched themselves and have leaned into how the master artists create masterpieces, and learning how to make their own version of a masterpiece."

Each painter's creation has been impacted by the works of master artists Meindert Hobbema and Paul Cezaane throughout the semester to guide their learning and masterpiece creations. One masterpiece project entailed the students using their own perspective to create a landscape scene with a dirt road that converged towards the woods or other land (highlighted in the photos).

Congratulations to our talented artists on an amazing job in the art studio!