Artist Spotlight: Troupe 5782

The Canterbury Arts Department would like to shine a light on Troupe 5782 and their incredible showing at the District Thespians Competition in Coconut Creek last Saturday, December 11.
Troupe 5782 earned 17 superiors and 13 excellent marks, as well as one Critic's Choice, the highest honor an individual pantomime can receive. Additionally, the troupe received word that their one-act "I Don't Want to Talk About It" will move on to the state competition! The one-act received the following accolades: Superior One-Act, Best Ensemble in a One-Act, and best featured actress (Macy M. '25).

Congratulations to Ellie A. '24 for being selected as al all-star cast member, and a standing ovation to Julian V. '23 and Ian P. '22 for receiving the highest honor one can receive, Critics Choice Pantomime. 

The following pieces will move onto the state competition in January:
- Monologues: Macy M. '25, Walter B. '23
- Solo musical: Sophia B. '25
- Duet musical: Sydney D. '22 and Sophia B. '25
- Ensemble acting: Jake R. '22, Walter B. '22, Emma C. '22, Emily B. '22, Julian V.'23, Cameron W. '23, Lucy C. '24, and Macy M. '25.

Be sure to congratulate Troupe 5782 for all they have accomplished this semester.