Canterbury Thespian Duo Receives Highest Honor

Thespians Ian P. '22 and Julian V. '23 recently received the 'Critics Choice Award' at the district competition for their pantomime performance. 
"After years of doing thespians, I’m proud to have my favorite genre become a state-worthy piece," said Ian of the honor. "Pantomime is a true comedy from start to finish. Charlie Chaplin was right when he said that an ounce of behavior is worth a pound of words."

Julian added, "It was great to help Ian achieve his goal during his senior year. He really deserves all the praise and was a great scene partner."

The 'Critics Choice Award' is the highest honor a thespian can receive at the district level. To put into perspective, of the more than 50 performances performed across all genres that day, the judges acknowledged Ian and Julian's performance as the best act in the room. Not to mention, the duo received perfect scores across the board (30-30-30)!

What is next for Ian and Julian? The thespian duo will take their pantomime performance to the state competition in March.