Canterbury Students Shine at Regional HOSA Competition

Students from Canterbury’s Upper School community performed well in the Regional HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) Competition on January 15, 2022. HOSA gives students an opportunity to study and acquire skills in more than 50 different fields related to medical science. 
Canterbury is proud to share that our delegation has the most participants qualifying for the State level competition. Of the 34 Canterbury students that competed, 25 students are eligible to advance to the State Conference. The Florida HOSA State Conference will take place April 9-12, 2022, in Orlando. 

First Place
Michaela F. ’24 & Alexa G. ’24 -  CPR/ First Aid
Lean K. ’22- Clinical Specialty
Nicholas D. ’23- Physical Therapy
Lara K. ’23- Medical Reading
Matt D. ’23- Nutrition
Ethan J. ’22, Jacob S. ’22, Chase T. ’22, Isaac R. ’22, Kyla K. ’22, and Michael D. ’22 -  Public Service Announcement

Second Place
Connor O. ’22 & Julian D. ’22 - Cert Skills
Fernanda V. ’22 & Derrick H. ’24 - CPR/ First Aid
Olivia H. ’24 - Pharmacy Science
Maya C. ’22 - Sports Medicine
Bruce E. ’23 - Behavioral Health

Third Place 
Hannah M. ’24 - Research Poster
David G. ’22 & Daniel Z. ’22 (Lara K. ’23 assist) - EMP Cert Skills