Middle and Upper Schools Host Honor Assemblies

Canterbury Upper and Middle School students recently came together to discuss the importance of our school’s Honor Code. Held at the beginning of each semester, our Honor Assembly aims to stress the importance of making the right decisions, using sound judgment, and exhibiting good character.
I will act honorably, respecting myself and others;
I will not lie, cheat, steal, or plagiarize.

Our Upper School students gathered in our Performing Arts Center on Friday, January 21, where they focused on having respect for our campus and those in our school community. Students watched several videos put together by our Student Council that focused on the topic of respect. The Student Council then ended with a challenge for the students to do at least one small thing that supports our community. They made it extra easy by coming up with 30 different ideas for how students can show respect on a daily basis while on campus. 

Our Middle School Honor Assembly took place on Monday, January 31, with our Student Council members leading the charge. The Student Council challenged Middle School students to perform random acts of kindness. Students also watched as the Student Council showcased different scenarios where choosing to be kind would make a big difference. They wrapped up the assembly reviewing the wording of the Honor Code with a focus on defining plagiarism.

Our Lower School is also focusing on kindness during the month of February. The Lower School Character Council recently shared a “Kindness Bingo” initiative with students, where everyone is challenged to perform acts of kindness throughout the month.