Riya S. '29 Wins Middle School Spelling Bee

Congratulations to Riya S. '29 for claiming this year's Spelling Bee title for Canterbury School. Last year's winner Paul S. '26 finished runner-up.
“All of the spellers did a fantastic job up there in the spotlight -- it is not easy to withstand that kind of pressure, and I am so proud of our students for their performance,” shared Mrs. Smith.

Of the fifteen participants, it came down to Riya and Paul battling through several rounds. Ironically, Riya was given the word 'checkmate' to win the bee. Both participants will now move onto the Lee County Spelling Bee, hosted by Three Oaks Elementary. Competition date and time is to be determined. 

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Each grade previously held a class year competition, and the top winners from that went on to compete in our live-streamed spelling bee. They were: 

5th grade:
Riya S. '29
Sophia R. '29
Violet V. '29
6th grade:
Anabella B. '28
James Z. '28
Lilly H. '28
Myra S. '28
7th grade:
Wythe P. '27
Andolina T. '27
Mahi P. '27
Braden B. '27
8th grade:
Phoebe M. '26
Paul S. '26
Remy F. '26
Jess P. '26

Relive the entire Spelling Bee in its entirety below.