Canterbury Hosts Inaugural Entrepreneur Competition

Canterbury hosted the first-ever Southwest Florida Entrepreneur Competition on Saturday, February 12. The new venture was led by teachers Jennifer Stephenson, Elisha Murray, Javier Torres, and Amy Hoefling.
In total, the inaugural competition had over 250 participants with more than 100 projects to judge. CLICK HERE for a complete photo gallery of the competition and awards.

Congratulations to all participants for a job well done. Below are the overall results and grade-level awards:

BEST IN SHOW LOWER SCHOOL: [2nd Grade] Princess and Pooch - Madison C.
BEST IN SHOW MIDDLE SCHOOL: [8th Grade] Vitamin.Me- Vanessa F., Isabella H., Sophia F., Violet S., and Jessica P.
BEST IN SHOW UPPER SCHOOL: [9th grade] Spin Art- Riley L. 

1st place: Traveling Car Cleaning Service- Neil V. 
2nd place: Sophia's Waffle and Coffee Shop- Sophia K. 
3rd place: (tie) Art of the Go- Olivia C., Charlotte L.; Store of Friendship- Adelyn T., Samantha P., Maggie M.
1st grade
1st place: (tie) SpRinkles- Rory B. and Sofia C.; Breakfast is Key- Alex, Byron, Drew
2nd place: Banks' Toy Shop- Banks B.
3rd place: (tie) LLE Pet Care- Lydia T., Lydia D., Emmie E.; K&R Bakery- Reid V. and Kailyn W.
2nd grade
1st place: Princess and Pooch - Madison C.
2nd place: No Worry Bike Basket- Finley M., Ashwin V.
3rd place: Picky Eaters- Luke K., Taylor S., Tristan D., Robbie R.
3rd grade
1st place: Traveling Mini Microwave - Sophia L., Kaley C.
2nd place: Party Masks- Eli J., Eshan S. , Dillon D.
3rd place: SED shoes- Eli M., Sammy S., Connor B., Domingo R.
4th grade
1st place : Goozy Cafe- Karis P., Kylie D., Lily K.
2nd place: (tie) J's Logo's- Julianna C.; Sunshine Cafe- Elle G., Mikaela W., Salem H., Chloe L.
3rd place: (tie) Teleport -Dave R.; Coral Protector - Caroline T.
5th grade
1st place: Riya's Sweet Delights- Riya S.
2nd place: Cupcake in a box- Lena S., Holly T., Katelin T., Emerson K.
6th Grade
1st place: Austan's Yard- Austan C. 
7th Grade
1st place: Swap Shop Sports- Brody D., Stefano D.
2nd place: The Vogue Design House- Andolina T.
3rd place: Sports Club Finder- Mahi P., Tess B., Hannah S. 
8th grade
1st place: Vitamin.Me- Vanessa F., Isabella H., Sophia F., Violet S., Jessica P.
2nd place: Vacaids- Zoe M.
3rd place: The Iris- Sophia F., Sophia V., Ava S. 
9th grade
1st place: Spin Art- Riley L. 
2nd place: Sideline Sneakers- Laith A. 
3rd place: Every Styles- Chris M. 
10th grade
1st place: Tesla Saver-Jack P.
2nd place: Black Tip Sandwich Co.- Sage R. 
3rd place: D'LISH- Krish V. 

11th Grade
1st place: The Haven- Hunter T.