Fifth Annual Cougar Tennis Open a Smashing Success!

Canterbury’s fifth annual Cougar Tennis Open was a smashing success! The event took place on February 12, 2022, following the dedication of The Abuoqab Family Tennis Complex. This annual event was made even more special, as tournament participants were among the first to play on the newly renovated tennis courts.
This year, we had 20 pairs of players vying to win the title of Champion. In the semifinals,  
Joseph C. ’24 and Dylan M. ’25 beat out Jason Moon and Asher M. ’30, while Nelson Aguedo and Ainsley G. ’26 won against Connie Rosellini and Matthew K. ’25. 

Following several rounds of big serves and powerful backhands, the winners were crowned. Joseph C. ’24 and Dylan M. ’25 came out on top, with Nelson Aguedo and Ainsley G. ’26 in second place. 

Event organizers, Li-Su Javedan, Lynnette Cooke, Susan Chicone ’99, Tabitha Mascarelli, and Monica Favalli, also recognized several of the players with special awards: 

Best Serve - Lorelei D. ’24, Mike Kornienko ’09, and Harli H. ’28
Fast Feet - Caid C. ’28. 
Sportsmanship - Nicholas B. ’28 and Ainsley G. ’26
Most Stylish - Trinka Lowe 
Most Spirited - Erin Rhodes 
Miss Congeniality - Connie Rosellini 
Best Volunteer - Olivia Hoy 
Best Duo - Isaiah ’22 and Greg Asbed 
Best Teacher - Katie Coverdale

View PHOTO GALLERY for highlights from the 2022 Cougar Tennis Open.

Special thanks to the student volunteers in addition to our fabulous event organizers. Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who came out to play as well as those who came to cheer on the teams!