Canterbury Team Alpha Places Third, Qualifies for State Science Olympiad

Team Alpha will represent Canterbury at the upcoming Florida Science Olympiad State Tournament after placing third at the Regional Science Olympiad, hosted at Canterbury.
A total of nine teams from Gulf Coast High School, North Fort Myers High school, Archbishop McCarthy High School, Dunbar High School, and Canterbury squared off in 23 science events, ranging from anatomy and physiology to physics related topics. Canterbury had two teams compete in the event, Team Alpha and Team Delta.

"We faced our fiercest competition ever in the Science Olympiad," said Canterbury science teacher Jeff Carstens. "This is the most teams we have ever had competing in our region."

Team Alpha (Lara K. '23, McLaren B. '22, Gabby S. '23, Isaiah A. '22, Maya C. '22, Devon B. '22, Ishaan A. '23, Arnav A. '25, Aaron S. '24, Emilie C. '22, Aleef C. '25, Max B. '23, Mia A. '22, Daniel Z. '22) placed third overall, while Team Delta (Ryan D.' 22, Mehereen C. '25, Adam D. '22, Julian B. '22, Julian D. '22, Scotty E. '22, Neal V. '23, Gabe D. '25, Luca F. '25, Spencer T. '25, Kyle S. '25, Grayson P. '22, Leah K. '22) followed with a Top 5 finish. Below are results in which either team finished Top 3 in an event:
  • Anatomy and Physiology - Team Alpha 1st; Team Delta - 3rd
  • Cell Biology - Team Alpha - 3rd
  • Chem Lab - Team Alpha - 3rd
  • Codebusters- Team Alpha- 1st
  • Disease Detective - Team Alpha - 2nd
  • Dynamic Planet- Team Delta- 3rd
  • Environmental Chemistry - Team Alpha - 2nd
  • Experimental Design  - Team Alpha - 3rd
  • Gravity Vehicle - Team Delta - 3rd
  • Ornithology - Team Alpha - 1st
  • Remote Sensing - Team Alpha - 3rd
  • Trajectory - Team Alpha - 2nd
  • Write it CAD it - Team Alpha - 1st
The Florida Science Olympiad State Tournament will take place virtually on March 26.