Canterbury Students Win Top Spots in History Fair

Congratulations to our students who recently competed in the Lee County History Fair. Students competed virtually from February 22-24, 2022. This year’s theme is Debate and Diplomacy in History. Those who placed first or second will move on to the state competition in May. 
Senior Division (High School)
Historical Paper
First Place: Ben C. ’23
Debate and Diplomacy at its Highest Point: The Yalta Conference’s Argonautic Journey to Right the Wrongs of World War II

Group Exhibit
First Place: Mia A. ’22, Brenda Z. ’22, and Daniel Z. ’22
An Informal Empire: The Open-Door Policy and Modern China

Third Place: Riley J. ’23, Charlie M. ’23, and Jake Z. ’23
The Violent Dissolution of the Ottoman Empire: Armenian Genocide and Systematic Destruction