MUN Travels to Annual MUNCH at Chapel Hill

MUN Secretariat
Canterbury's MUN chapter recently traveled to MUNCH, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill's annual high school MUN conference, over winter break. The group represented Canterbury well, with siblings Brenda and Daniel receiving high honors. 
Daniel Z. '22 represented Ryuzoji Takanbou in the Sengoku Jidai Committee. Throughout the committee, he discussed the political structure of a united Japan and relations with China and Portugal. He led multiple directives to rebuild the Japanese economy, hunt down pirates, and work more closely with the Portuguese. In his crisis notes, Daniel adopted Christianity and traded for Portuguese weapons, united much of Kyushu under his rule, and bargained with pirates to raid enemy lands. Daniel was named Best Delegate for his efforts. Congratulations, Daniel!
Brenda Z. ‘22 represented Audu Bako in the Ghost of Biafra Committee. She discussed the multiple issues facing Nigeria, from reconstruction after the Civil War, how to use oil reserves, and the centralization of government power. She led her committee in passing directives to rebuild sustainably, centralize government power, and deal with democratic rioters. In her crisis notes, she started a solar panel company, promoted women’s education, and used her police force to attack oil reserves. Brenda received Best Delegate for her hard work. Great job, Brenda!
Mia A. ‘22 represented William Hooper in the Dependence Day Committee. She debated how to secure independence from the British after losing the Battle of Saratoga, planning military campaigns and securing foreign support. In committee, she helped pass directives to increase Patriot propaganda, crack down on traitors, and organize negotiations with the British for peace. In her crisis notes, Mia successfully planned a theft and stole the Magna Carta from Britain, eventually using it to bargain for American independence.
Isaiah A. ‘22 represented Johan van Oldenbarnevelt in the 80 Years War Joint Crisis Committee. The committee focused on the Dutch revolutionary effort against the Spanish in 1572, specifically regarding gathering resources for military efforts, alliances with other major European powers, and the drafting of a Declaration of Independence from Spanish rule.  Isaiah’s position as Johan van Oldenbarnevelt was built around his Protestant faith, his support of alliances with England and France to help the fight against the Spanish, and his belief that tulips should be the main Dutch trade commodity and export.  Isaiah successfully used crisis notes to build a tulip financial empire and neutralize one of Spain's biggest allies, the Pope.
Rocio C. ‘22 and Geneva P. ‘23 represented Botswana in the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Committee. They competed as a dual-delegation, and led discussions relating to financial burdens due to COVID-19, international shipping costs, and gas and oil crises. In committee, they advocated to provide developing countries with financial support for COVID-19 relief efforts. To address issues related to shortages in fossil fuels, they encouraged the implementation of sustainable energy infrastructure to bolster impoverished countries’ economies. To resolve the increase in shipping costs attributable to the pandemic, Rocio and Geneva pushed for resolutions that focused on the rights of transport workers and accessibility of COVID-19 safety precautions so workers would be less likely to miss work due to quarantine measures. Amazing work, Geneva and Rocio!
Maya C. ‘22 represented Jose Khan in the Chaos in Caracas committee. In her first crisis committee, she discussed developing shelters for protest victims in Caracas, effective methods of controlling inflation and more. She passed directives concerning rights for impacted civilians and more. In her crisis notes, she had an affair with the wife of the president of Germany, and as the head of the legal currency exchange, hired his son to send Venezuelan money to her lover, and then arrested her son. She then. as a socialist, killed all the Venezuelan nobility and redistributed the wealth, and then ran off with the wife of the president of Germany.
David G. ‘22 represented Mistress Ching in the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End Committee. He discussed electing a pirate king, releasing the goddess Calypso, and how to fight the East India Trading Company. In committee, David helped pass directives to attack East India Trading Company ships with an army of crabs and send delegates on treasure hunts. In his crisis notes, he freed slaves from Trading Company ships, and also stole art from England to sell in Italy, amassing a massive fortune.
Ben C. ‘23 represented South Africa in the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Committee. His committee focused on reducing problems in poverty in developing countries. He led discussions focused on reducing economic strain from the effects of COVID-19 and preventing further economic panics along with reducing technological gaps in developing countries. Ben sponsored two resolutions and two directives, and was on authors’ panel for all four. Great job, Ben!
Lara K. ‘23 represented Mizuka Nakajima in the Genesis of Jurassic Park Committee. During the conference, she debated the ethics and logistics of paleo-DNA cloning and incubation. She worked with her committee to build Jurassic Park and led multiple directives concerning its development, financing, and material acquisition. In her crisis notes, Lara opened a rival company and mass-produced her own line of genetically engineered minions.
Michaela F. ‘24 represented Roch Marc Christian Kaboré in the Turmoil in West Africa Committee. She worked with other delegates to sponsor directives that decreased violence and helped create jobs in West Africa. Michaela passed some of my crisis arc and succeeded in sabotaging and bombing the oil pipeline created during the committee. She also passed a directive that resolved the COVID-19 pandemic in West Africa, and allowed almost all citizens to become vaccinated, eventually, setting West Africa back on track for a prosperous future. Great job, Michaela!
Kai W. ‘24 represented Chiu Kuo-Cheng in the Taiwan 2029 Committee. He debated how to respond to the Chinese invasion of Taiwan, creating a unified military and economic response. He helped pass directives that dealt with corruption in the Taiwanese government and engaging the Chinese military. In his crisis notes, he tried to defend Taiwan with his powers as minister of defense, before successfully performing a coup on the government to expand his own power and acquire nuclear weapons.