Entrepreneur Students Busy at Work in the Community

Canterbury's LIFT OFF Entrepreneur Program students are busy at work helping local businesses in Southwest Florida to find solutions to various needs.
Upper, Middle, and Lower School students are working to help these community businesses problem solve, as well as develop marketing and branding initiatives to increase sales and memberships. Take a look at the variety of real-life opportunities our students are being afforded to learn and grow from: 
  • Upper School students are working with Matilda Jane Clothing and D1 Training Facility to develop marketing and branding strategies to help increase revenue and members.
  • Eighth-grade students met with the Gladiolus Food Pantry to help them develop a step-by-step process for food donations, as well as brainstorm fundraising opportunities to help the pantry expand into the adjacent property.
  • Seventh-grade students ventured to Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge to help conservationists solve three ongoing issues they continue to face: educating the public about fishing lines; climate change and how to prepare; and how to help with water quality.
  • Fourth-grade students recently traveled to Lakes Park to meet with individuals from the Railroad Museum of South Florida to help them solve a few problems that include: how to create less friction on the track; what train ticket prices should cost; how do they promote their new education curriculum for field trips.