LIFT OFF Students Meet with Mayor, Collaboratory at City Hall

On Tuesday, April 19, Canterbury's LIFT OFF Entrepreneur students had the amazing opportunity to meet at City Hall with Mayor Kevin Anderson and the Collaboratory's Jason Teeters to talk leadership and ways they, as students, can enact change in the Southwest Florida community. 
Canterbury's LIFT OFF students have joined forces with five other area high schools, encapsulating roughly 36 students, to lead the charge for social change in their community. They include: Gateway High School, Bishop Verot, South Fort Myers High School, North Fort Myers High School, and Dunbar High School.

"I am so excited for this group of young, courageous leaders as they look to make changes in our community in order to create new possibilities for future generations," said Canterbury faculty LIFT OFF leader Matt Booth.

The afternoon included Mayor Anderson imparting valuable leadership information to our kids, followed by Jason Teeters, Nuturing Lead for the Collaboratory, leading a brainstorm session with the group to help lead and guide them on how to be the change. He left the group with one last thought from John Sheppard, "One little idea can change the world. One little voice can begin a great cause."