The Lair Volume 48 Makes Its Debut

The latest edition of The Lair, Canterbury’s yearbook, officially made its debut! We would like to recognize Mr. Grey and the yearbook staff for their dedication to creating such a fantastic book full of creativity and memorable moments. 
This year’s theme is “Growing Hope” which the Editor-in-Chief, Jake R. '22, explains in the book’s opening, “Hope is a feeling of expectation and wanting for something special to happen…The faculty hope their students will discover a love of learning, while the seniors hope to gain acceptance into the college of their dreams. Middle schoolers hope to fit in, while still retaining their individuality. Lower schoolers, full of enthusiasm and imagination, hope to fly, to meet a unicorn, or to become an astronaut."
Jake goes on to write, "Canterbury truly is a special place filled with hope. Surely part of what makes our campus so magical is the daily facilitation of growing hope that happens throughout our community of teachers, administrators, staff, students, and parents."
The yearbook team dedicated this year’s book to our Upper School English teacher Ms. Shannon Frank, who has been growing hope in our students for the past 10 years. They surprised her with the dedication on Monday, May 16, during communal time in the PAC.
"Ms. Frank, when you are reading this, I hope you can feel the love that each and every one of us has for you. Thank you for helping to guide us through our school careers…thank you for always being a person we can turn to for anything…thank you for truly being one of the greatest teachers Canterbury has ever had," writes fellow Editor-in-Chief Brandon U. '22 in his dedication to Ms. Frank. His dedication is a must-read full of wonderful photos provided secretly by Shannon's children, Emma and Aaron.
Distribution of the 2021-22 yearbooks began today (May 16) to the Upper School. Middle and Lower School students will start receiving their books on Tuesday, May 17.