Canterbury Theatre Department Announces Thespian Board

The Canterbury Theatre Department is excited to announce the new Thespian Board for the 2022-23 academic year.
The board is responsible for planning and organizing thespian related events, including: the district and state festivals, beans and scenes campus events, and many more. This year, the board is most excited about the opportunity to possibly mainstage a show at the state level.

"To mainstage a show at the state level is a big deal," added Aaron Jackson, Upper School theatre director. "Only eight shows are selected to perform on the mainstage at the state competition each year. We've got a talented group this year and they have a great shot at being selected."

Congratulations to the following thespians on being appointed to the 2022-23 board: Cameron W. '23 (president), Ellie A. '24 (vice president), Walter B. '23 (secretary), Ella C. '25 (treasurer), Macy M. '25 (historian), Natasha A. '25 (publicist), and Ezri M. '23 (sunshine).