National English Honor Society Welcomes New Members

Canterbury School’s National English Honor Society (NEHS) is proud to announce the induction of 26 new members.
This organization recognizes the academic accomplishments of high school students and promotes their continuing interest in the English Language Arts. Requirements for induction include a grade point average of 3.7 or higher in all English classes throughout their Upper School career, as well as being enrolled in AP English Language and Composition as juniors and AP English Literature as seniors. 
Faculty Advisor for NEHS, Shannon Frank, shared, “This year we will focus on supporting community events that support literacy and language arts growth in young people. Be on the lookout for two events to come, one at the end of this semester and one in the spring.”

Congratulations to the following new members!  

Chase A. ’23
Ishaan A. ’23
Michelle B. ’23
Morgan B. ’23
Max B. ’23
Jack B. ’23
Tyler B. ’23
Benjamin C. ’23
Nicholas D. ’23 
Joshua D. ’23
Matthew D. ’23 
Elle E. ’23
Bruce E. ’23
Maryn F. ’23 
Owen H. ’23
JJ I. ’23
Riley J. ’23
Lara K. ’23
Chloe M. ’23
Charles M. ’23
Geneva P. ’23
Alexa P. ’23
Gabriella S. ’23
Sofija V. ’23 
Julian V. ’23 
Kylynne W. ’23

We would also like to recognize the following who have been selected as NEHS officers:
Geneva P. '23 - President
Elle E. '23 - Vice President
Lara K. '23 - Secretary