Junior Thespians Punch Ticket to States

The Canterbury Junior Thespians are headed back to states after a superior weekend at the district competition.
The Cougar troupe, consisting of 22 students, competed in nine different categories, including: duet acting, duet musical, ensemble, improv, monologue, scene writing, set design, small group musical, and solo musical. Of the 22 thespians that competed, 17 will be showcasing their acts at the Junior Thespian State Competition, January 12-15, 2023, in Orlando.

A panel of three judges in each event rates the performances as Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent or Superior. Canterbury is pleased to report that every piece received Excellent (13) or Superior (10). The troupe also received four Best in Room and three Perfect Score distinctions, the highest marks a piece can receive.

"I am so proud of each and every one of them," said Middle School Theatre Director Michael Lynch. "They represented Canterbury with class, and the scores reflected their high level of professionalism. In total, they brought home a third of the Best in Room awards, just incredible." 

Carlie M. '28 received two Best in Room, Perfect Scores for her monologue "Todd-Monologue Show From Hell", as well as her part in the ensemble "The Audition" with partners Lila E. '27, Isabella F. '27, and Jula O. '27. Ari M. '28 (scene writing- "The Great Negotiation") and James Z. '28 (set design- "Mama Mia") each brought home Best in Room honors, while Addison B. '27 notched a Perfect Score for her monologue "Pressure". 

Congratulations to all Junior Thespians on amazing performances at the district competition.
NOTE: All pieces in BOLD are moving onto the state compeition.

Jolie C. 29, Riya S. '29Duet ActingFunhouseSUPERIOR
Layla A. '28, James Z. '28Duet ActingWe Loathe Our CustomersExcellent
Harli H. '28, August V. '28Duet ActingFacing the WaveExcellent
Anabelle B. '28, Lily M. '29Duet ActingPhysical EducationExcellent
Sophia L. '29, Violet V. '29Duet ActingHoodieExcellent
Naya C. '28, Sophia C. '28Duet MusicalJoy of Motherhood-Honk Jr.Excellent
Lila E. '27, Isabella F. '27, Carlie M. '28, Julia O. '27EnsembleThe AuditionSUPERIOR
Jolie C. '29, Lily M. '29, Riya S. '29EnsembleStill Small VoiceExcellent
Anabelle B. '28, Harli H. '28, Ari M. '28, Elan R. '27, August V. '28EnsembleHow the Other Half DiesExcellent
Sophia L. '29, Holly T. '29, Violet V. '29EnsembleTeenage NightmareExcellent
Elan R. '27, August V. '28ImprovImprovSUPERIOR
Ari M. '28, James Z. '28ImprovImprovExcellent
Addison B. '27MonologuePressureSUPERIOR 
Carlie M. '28MonologueTodd- Monologue Show from HellSUPERIOR
Lucy S. '28MonologueComing into HeavenSUPERIOR
Sam C. '27MonologuePlastic RevolutionSUPERIOR
Lila E. '27MonologueMorgan- Monologue Show from HellExcellent
Ari M. '28Scene WritingThe Great NegotiationSUPERIOR 
James Z. '28Set DesignMama MiaSUPERIOR 
Jolie C. '29, Lila E. '27, Isabella F. '27, Lily M. '29, Julia O. '27, Riya S. '29Small Group MusicalShadowland- Lion KingSUPERIOR
Addison B. '27Solo MusicalHeaven Help My HeartExcellent
Isabella F. '27Solo MusicalWhat It Means to be a FriendExcellent
Elan R. '27Solo MusicalLast one PickedExcellent