Middle and Upper Schools Host Honor Assemblies

What does the Honor Code mean to you? This week students in both Middle and Upper School joined together to reflect on the importance of Canterbury’s Honor Code. Held at the beginning of each semester, our Honor Assembly aims to stress the importance of making the right decisions, using sound judgment, and exhibiting good character.
I will act honorably, respecting myself and others;
I will not lie, cheat, steal, or plagiarize.

For our Upper School, members of the Student Council put together a panel of students, administrators, and faculty members to discuss what the elements of the Honor Code mean to them. For Middle School, the Student Council shared a video showcasing topics such as lying, respect, and plagiarism. Students also put together a panel of faculty members to further discuss the meaning of the Honor Code.

Head of School Rick Kirschner shared his gratitude with the students at both assemblies for putting together meaningful events. “I am proud of the culture we have here at Canterbury, and I appreciate the thoughtful conversations we have during our Honor Assemblies that help set the tone for the semester ahead.”