Lucas Match $13.3 Million Raised, 168 Days to Go!

Ending June 30, 2023, we are 95 percent of the way to meeting our goal!!  
Thanks to Linda and David Lucas and our many generous donors, the Lucas Match has raised more than $13.3 million dollars toward the $14 million dollar goal!  

Among our generous donors are the Stanfill Family (Upper School Science Lab), Caruso Family (Upper School Science Lab), Salhab Family (Upper School Science Classroom), Krauss Family (Middle School Science Lab), Crate Family (Upper School Math and Music Recording Room), Monroe Family (The Learning Lab), and The Kleist Family Foundation (Middle School Mathematics Classroom) who have generously given to name classrooms where our outstanding teachers guide our students' learning every day!

If you are interested in naming one of our classrooms or other naming opportunities Click here to view.  For more information, please contact George Pappas, Associate Head of School, at 239-481-4323 Ext. 718 or

Please help us meet our goal and raise the remaining $710,436 of matching dollars from the Lucas Match Challenge.