Sixteen Students Qualify for Regional Science Fair

Sixteen Middle and Upper School students have been selected to represent Canterbury at the upcoming Thomas A. Edison Regional Science Fair, February 18-25.
Students in grades 6-12 had the opportunity to participate and present their research during Canterbury's annual Science Symposium on Saturday, January 14 in the Murphy Sports Center, with the opportunity to move onto the regional, state, and international science fairs. Scientist Society of Southwest Florida and Dr. Amy Stanfill were on hand to judge each research project.

The Junior Division (Grades 6-8) has seven projects moving onto the 65th Annual Thomas Alva Edison Kiwanis Regional Science & Engineering Fair, while the Senior Division (Grades 9-12) will have six projects represented. Two students, Mehereen C. '25 and Dhira S. '29, will have projects dual enrolled in both the science and inventors fairs!

The virtual regional science fair will take place February 18-25, with an in-person awards ceremony on March 2. Below is a complete list of all students and their research projects that will compete in the upcoming regional science fair.

Junior Division Science Fair Regional Finalists:
  • Andolina T. '27, Gabriela G. '27, Lana H. '27-How Wind Affects the Growth of Rhizophora Mangle Propagules
  • Olivia R. '27 and Lauren M. '27-Salinity in the Caloosahatchee
  • Riya S. '29Maximizing Memory Minutes
  • Dhira S. '29Reinventing Learning: Implementing the Reward-Based Structure of Video Games into Learning Environments
  • Suditi C. '29Water Electrolysis
  • Jordan K. '28Electrolyte Insight 
  • Austan C. '28Which Washed Best?
Junior Division Inventors Fair Regional Finalist: Dhira S. '29, PetBFound

Senior Division Science Fair Regional Finalists:
  • Morgan B. '23- Utilizing Nutrient Enriched Biologically Activated Bioremediation Units as a Soil Amendment in a Cyclic Remediation System (A Novel Fifth Year Study)
  • Aaron S. '24- How Far Can an Electric Airplane Fly?  Decarbonization Potential for Electric Airplanes
  • Jessica M. '25- Measurement of Accelerated Warming Caused by Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide in an Enclosed Atmosphere
  • Chris M. '25- Bioremediation of Nitrates in Local Waterways Via the Native Aquatic Plant Eichcornia Crassipes to Reduce the Risk of Infant Methemoglobinemia
  • Anika K. '25- The Effect of the Retinoid Tretinion on E. coli as a Model for P. acnes to Inhibit Growth and Kill Facial Bacteria: A Novel First-Year Study
  • Mehereen C. '25 (both science and inventors fair) - A Second Year Study: A Novel Approach to the Detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Eye Movement as a Biomarker for Assessment