Upper School Students Represent Canterbury at GatorMUN

MUN Officers
Upper School Model United Nations students traveled to Gainesville to participate in the prestigious GatorMUN competition January 20-22, 2023. Below is a detailed, weekend recap from MUN officers.
Mehereen C. ‘25 and Olivia T. ‘25 represented Zimbabwe in the United Nations Council on the Status of Women. Their committee worked to combat issues such as the gender wage gap, unpaid labor, and workplace harassment. Mehereen and Olivia co-authored the resolution paper WHEEL, in which they created digital literacy programs for adolescents in rural areas, toolkits for mental health and workplace harassment, and an international hotline for workplace harassment. They successfully defended and passed their resolution paper. They received a verbal commendation for their efforts. Congratulations Mehereen and Olivia!
Lara K. ‘23 represented Jeni’s Ice Cream in the Ad-Hoc Committee. Her crisis committee oversaw the actions of the National Restaurant Association and addressed pertinent problems such as Prohibition, supply shortages, and worker unionization. In committee, Lara worked alongside her peers to ethically and reasonably address the concerns of the public. In her crisis notes, Lara organized a mob to gather funds and further the interests of her company. The committee eventually merged into a joint crisis, and a war was waged between the National Restaurant Associations and the mob. Lara received a verbal commendation for her efforts. Congratulations Lara!
Ben C. ‘23 represented Totsuna, a traveling dragon expert, in the Council of Hyrule specialized committee. Based on the videogame Legend of Zelda, this council was tasked with rebuilding and resolving issues after centuries of conflict against the dark forces of Ganon. Ben, placing his interests as a traveler first, worked tirelessly to pass numerous directives that would allow for the construction of defensive outposts along roads and canals, keeping him safe. Additionally, Ben used his knowledge of dragons to research the use of Dragonflame and Dragon Scales, which provided him with a powerful energy source to develop bombs and cloaking tech for ships. Near the end of his committee, Ben revealed his true colors to the rest of the council by placing and detonating Dragonflame bombs in every defensive outpost, crippling the city’s infrastructure once more and allowing the dark forces to rise once more. Unfortunately, Ben was captured by a spy who caught onto his plans and imprisoned him.
Michaela F. ‘24 represented Chumin in the Council of Hyrule. This committee was tasked with rebuilding the kingdom of Hyrule after centuries of conflict. Michaela successfully co-authored and passed multiple directives that improved security along trade routes, fed starving citizens, and eliminated the threat of Ganon. In crisis notes, Michaela was able to amass a large fortune from the sale of durians. She then used her power and influence to lead a riot against Princess Zelda’s inactivity, and eventually was able to gain control of a region of Hyrule. Ultimately, Michaela helped her committee to defeat Ganon and restore Hyrule to its former glory.
Alexa G. ‘24 represented Gloria Sunstone in the Percy Jackson Board of Senior Counselors specialized committee. Along with the rest of the delegates, Alexa worked to keep peace in Camp Half-Blood and defend the camp from outside threats, some of which include other demigod camps, a traitor, and a primordial god. Through crisis notes, Alexa repaired and hid Festus, a large bronze dragon, and used him to help on a quest later on in committee. By the end of the last session, Alexa and the other delegates successfully saved the camp!
Max B. ‘23 represented Smokescreen in the Transformers JCC: Escape From Cybertron. As a part of this crisis committee Max worked to strategize methods through which to win the war against the opposing committee, the Decepticons. Max addressed issues such as biological warfare, a power vacuum, and an enemy invasion. In committee, he worked on plans to mobilize air units and place mines on the offensive side of the war. In crisis notes, he formed a covert black ops unit. Great job, Max!
Harley B. ‘24 represented Gambia in the UNHRC General Assembly committee. His committee worked to solve real-life humans rights issues, including womens rights, child labor laws, and education. Along with his dual-delegate partner, Andrea Malca, Harley co-authored and sponsored the paper FDP, which focused on protecting human rights and fighting against corruption. Harley obtained a spot on authors panel for his paper, making him one of the top delegates in his committee. Nice job, Harley!
Jimmy G. ‘24 represented Yugoslavia in the UNCIO General Assembly committee. His committee worked to build the UN from the ground up, incorporating systems for humanitarian aid and discussing veto power in the security council. Jimmy worked on several papers in committee, and although his committee did not end up passing any resolutions, Jimmy’s valuable input helped the papers take shape. Awesome job, Jimmy!
Timothy “Bo” H. ‘24 represented Peru in the DISEC General Assembly committee. This committee brought real-world events into MUN by aiming to solve the Russia and Ukraine conflict. Together with his dual-delegate partner, Preston Farhat, Bo co-authored the THRIVE paper designed to calm the conflict in Russia and Ukraine. He and Preston made crucial alliances, successfully navigated tricky situations in committee, and in the end, the committee passed a resolution that halted the conflict. Great work, Bo!
Grady L. ‘24 represented Pepsi in the Ad-Hoc Crisis Committee. In committee, he worked as a member of the National Restaurant Administration to address issues such as egg shortages, farmer unionization, and mob activity during Prohibition. In directives, Grady worked to solve these problems through innovative and fiscally responsible methods. Meanwhile, in his crisis notes, Grady worked to overtake Coca Cola, eventually acquiring the company as his own and terminating the competition between the two. Way to go, Grady!
Kai W. ‘24 represented the Japan Times in the Press Corps Crisis committee. As a part of his unconventional committee, Kai traveled throughout the conference, visiting and writing articles about the other committees in the GatorMUN conference. His job was to learn about the events of each committee he visited and write articles about them, some of which could be featured on the GatorMUN website. Kai visited many committees, including Council of Hyrule, the Ad Hoc, and the Transformers committee. As his final piece, Kai wrote about the plague affecting the transformers committee. Kai’s diligent work was evident throughout the committee, as he would often work through lunch or break times to meet his deadlines. Nice work, Kai!
Laith A. ‘25 represented Smokescreen in the Joint Crisis Committee Transformers: Attack on Cybertron. Acting on the Autobot side of this conflict, the committee was tasked with winning the war on Cybertron and curing a rust plague. Laith worked to eliminate the rust plague by designing a novel method of testing the new vaccine. He also assisted in building a rocket to travel to Earth upon discovering that Cybertron was at risk of explosion. In crisis notes, Laith successfully assassinated Megatron by assembling the League of Chaos: an army of characters from the My Little Pony and Angry Birds universes. Ultimately, Laith assisted his committee in emerging victorious from the Autobot and Septicon war. Great job, Laith!
Preston F. ‘25 represented Peru in the DISEC General Assembly committee. This committee brought real-world events into MUN by aiming to solve the Russia and Ukraine conflict. Along with his dual-delegate partner, Bo Hogan, Preston co-authored a paper that mitigated the crisis in Ukraine and calmed tensions among the warring countries. Preston’s paper focused on managing the after effects of war and preventing sanctions on Russia. Great work, Preston!
Andrea M. ‘25 represented Gambia in the UNHRC General Assembly committee. Her committee worked to solve real-life human rights issues, including women's rights, child labor laws, and education. Along with her dual-delegate partner, Harley Brook, Andrea co-authored and sponsored the paper FDP, which focused on protecting human rights and fighting against corruption. Andrea was featured on authors panel, cementing her place as a top delegate in her committee. Way to go, Andrea!