Science Olympiad Team Headed to States

Congratulations to Canterbury's Upper School Science Olympiad team on finishing second in the region to punch their ticket to the state competition in Gainesville in March.
Canterbury hosted ten teams from around the area for the Southwest Regional Science Olympiad on Saturday, February 11, in the Murphy Sports Center. The 13-person Cougar roster brought home second overall and 13 individual awards. Special congratulations to Gabby S. '23 on medaling in four of five events, scoring two 1st place finishes and two 3rd place finishes. 

The student-led Science Olympiad team includes: Aleef C. '25, Aaron S. '24, Arnav A. '25, Michaela F. '24, Max B. '23, Gabby S. '23, Bruce E. '23, Jonathan G. '23, Jessica M. '25, Kyle S. '25, Lara K. '23, Chrhis M. '25, and Jack P. '24.

The Science Olympiad team will now represent Canterbury at the state competition on March 25, 2023 at the University of Florida. 

Individual Results

1st Place:
  • Astronomy - Jack P. and Aaron S.
  • Codebusters - Michaela F. and Bruce E.
  • Disease Detectives - Kyle S. and Lara K.
  • Forestry - Gabby S. (solo)
  • Remote Sensing - Michaela F. and Gabby S.
  • Wifi Lab - Jonathan G. and Bruce E.
2nd Place:
  • It's About Time - Arnav A. and Aaron S.
  • Fermi Questions - Max B. (solo)
  • Scrambler - Max B. and Arnav A.
  • Trajectory - Jonathan G. and Bruce E.
3rd Place:
  • Detector Building - Lara K. and Max B.
  • Dynamic Planet - Gabby S. and Jessica M.
  • Environmental Chem - Gabby S. and Lara K.