French Academic Team Wins First Place

For the eighth year in a row, Canterbury’s French Academic Team took first place in the Division IA Congres de la Culture Francaise en Floride! The competition was held March 9-11, 2017, in Orlando.
Some of the other highlights of the competition included:
  • Julia R. ’18 earned a Superior in Album
  • Emilee C. ’17 earned a Superior in Reading Level 5
  • Jasmine B. ’17 earned a Superior in Declamation/Poetry Recitation
  • Emma N. ’18 earned a perfect score in Poetry Recitation
  • Lou-isa C. ’19 earned a near perfect score and a Superior for her performance in Discours Level 5
  • Caitlin M. ’18 earned a perfect score in Reading/Lecture Level 4
  • Luke L. ’19 earned a Superior for Declamation
  • Danica S. ’19 earned a near perfect score on her poem, receiving a Superior  
  • Ingrid L. ’20 earned a perfect score in Lecture Level 2   
  • Maya A. ’21 earned a perfect score in Speaking at Level 3
  • Emilee C. ’17, Angie P. ’18, Julia R. ’18, and Kyanah F. ’18 earned a Superior for their interpretation of “Le Dieu du Carnage”
  • Sara M. ’21 and Jessica M. ’21 earned Excellent in Lecture Niveau
  • Jessica M. ’21, Anna D. ’21, Mark L. ’20, and Stori M. ’20 earned an Excellent in Scenette
  • Anna D. ’21 earned Prix du Jury in Declamation I
  • Cole M. ’21 earned Prix du Jury in Discours I
Ms. Kathryn Wilbur and the French Academic Team would like to thank all of the faculty, staff, and parents for their help and support in this great adventure!