Upper School Students Celebrated at Awards Ceremony

Canterbury School would like to congratulate all of the students honored at the 2016-2017 Upper School Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, May 31, 2017. Recognized for their efforts in academics, athletics, the arts, and service, students walked across the stage to receive their awards, smiling proudly for parents and friends in the audience.

Princeton Award
Evelyn J. ’18
Yale Book Award
Mitchell H. ’18
Brown University Award
Kelly O. ’18
Harvard Prize Book Award
Caitlin M. ’18
University of Pennsylvania Award
Julia R. ’18
Jefferson Book Award
Michael M. ’18
Notre Dame Book Award
Nate D. ’18
Smith Book Award
Anna K. ’18
William and Mary Leadership Award
Emily L. ’18
The Wellesley College Book Award
Sierra R. ’18
The Johns Hopkins Book Award
Thomas R. ’18
Sewanee Award for Excellence in Writing
Kyanah F. ’18
St. Lawrence University Book Award
Sam O. ’18
Randolph College Book Award
Griffin E. ’18
Furman Scholar
Emma N. ’18
Mercedes M. ’18
Cas M. ’18
Madhava P. ’18
Will N. ’18
Sean O. ’18
Presbyterian College Junior Academic Achievement Award
Sophia A. ’18
Michael A. ’18
QiQi L. ’18
Aimee S. '18
Irene T. ’18
High Point University Junior Scholar Award
Hana K. ’18
Corey H. ’18
Cameron F. ’18
Briana J. ’18
Wells College 21st Century Leadership Award
Feliza E. '18
Angie P. ’18
University of Rochester - Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award
Sean O. ’18
University of Rochester - Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award
Julia R. ’18
University of Rochester - Eastman Kodak Young Leaders Award
Lauren B. ’18
University of Rochester - Xerox Award
Matthew L. ’18
Canterbury Citizenship Awards
Grade 11
Morgan S. ’18
Michael M. ’18
Grade 10
Magnolia C. ’19
Evan R. ’19
Grade 9
Emily J. ’20
Cade K. ’20
To view our media gallery from the ceremony, please click here.