Science National Honor Society Welcomes 20 New Members

The Science National Honor Society (SNHS) held their annual induction ceremony in the Ellenberg Library on November 3, welcoming 20 new members.
This organization recognizes students exemplifying high achievement within the scientific field. To be eligible for, and to maintain membership, students must meet the following criteria:

  • A course schedule that reflects an interest and aptitude in the sciences
  • A 3.7 (A-) unweighted for all non-AP science classes
  • A 3.5 (B+) unweighted for all AP science classes
  • An overall weighted GPA of 3.5
  • Members must demonstrate good character and citizenship

Congratulations to the following students:

Lema A. ’20
Josh B. ’20
Brett B. ’19
XinXin Cai
Andrew C. ’20
Myesha C. ’19
Kendall F. ’19
Michelle F. ’20
Madison F. ’20
Emily J. ’20
Ingrid L. ’20
Mark L. ’20
Stori M. ’20
Emma M. ’20
Jasmily S. ’20
Danica S. ’19
Arjun S. ’19
Samantha S. ’20
Simrun V. ’19
Jacob X. ’19