Thespians Achieve Outstanding Results at District Competition

Canterbury School's Thespian Troupe 5782 competed at the District 6 Thespian Festival One Act and Individual Events Competition on Thursday, November 2 through Saturday, November 4. Almost 30 schools from five Southwest Florida counties competed. Students are adjudicated as Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent, or Superior. Awards are given for students earning an Excellent or Superior rating.
On Thursday, Canterbury opened the competition competing in the One Act with the play "Lockdown". The cast and crew received a 29 out of 30 for technical achievement and an overall Superior award in tech. They also were awarded a trophy for "Best Drama" of the One Act competition. The 18 students in the "Lockdown" cast and crew included: Cas M. '18, Summer M. '20, Calvin W. '20, Spencer B. '20, Kyanah F. '18, Angie P. '18, Emma N. '18, Madison F. '20, Hunter B. '19, Elenis S. '19, Michael M. '19, Jay M. '19, Magnolia C. '19, Jessica S. '19, Christian M. '20, Ricky Y. '19, Sophia Y. '19, and Cosette D. '19.

On Saturday, 46 students competed in 29 events garnering 11 overall awards of Superior and 16 awards of Excellent.

In Monologues, Calvin W. '20, Hunter B. '19, and Aaliyah J. '20 all earned Superior awards. Sophia Y. '19 earned an Excellent, just missing an overall Superior by one point.

"You must receive a Superior from two out of three judges," explained Director of Fine & Performing Arts and Thespian Sponsor, Dr. William Eyerly. "So many of our Excellent awards received a Superior from at least one judge and that in itself is a huge accomplishment."

In Duet Acting, the duo of Hunter B. '19 and Jay M. '19 earned perfect score Superiors. The teams of Kyanah F. '18 and Simrun V. '19, Sam O. '18 and Angie P. '18, and Noah B. '20 and Ben S. '20 all were awarded Excellent.

In Ensemble Acting, the freshmen team of Elle S. '21, Kinley G. '21, Taylor C. '21, Kole Y. '21, and Abby S. '21 earned an award of Superior. The ensemble of Cas M. '18, Summer M. '20, Calvin W. '20, Cosette D. '19, and Aaliyah J. '20 earned a perfect 30 out of 30 Superior from one judge and received high excellent ratings from the other two.

In Pantomime, the freshmen team of Kinley G. '21, Abby S. '21, and  Elle S. '21 received an award of Excellent.

In Solo Musical Theatre, Taylor C. '21 won Superior and Christian M. '20 also earned an award of Superior, while Emily R. '18, Sarah E. '18, and Jasmily S. '20 all earned awards of Excellent.

In Duet Musical Theatre, the duo of Kendall F. '19 and Hannah B. '19 earned an award of Excellent.

Small Group Musical featuring Christian M. '20, Spencer B. '20, Emily R. '18, Sarah E. '18, Nina W. '20, and Kyanah F. '18 earned an Excellent award.

Large Group Musical featuring Lucie A. '21, Taylor C. '21, Angie P. '18, Payton Z. '21, Arabella L. '21, Netta A. '18, Kyanah F. '18, Whitley M. '18, Sarah E. '18, and Emily R. '18 also earned an Excellent distinction.

The Student Directed Ensemble Scene by Michael M. '19 featuring Emma M. '20, Kyanah F. '18, Cosette D. '19, Simrun V. '19, and Summer M. '20 earned an award of Superior and also took the Critics' Choice Trophy as Best in Room. They got to perform their scene at closing ceremonies as special recognition.

Costume Design for "Cabaret" by Sam O. '18 won a Superior award. Publicity and Scene designs for "Picasso at the Lapine Agile" by Ricky Y. '19 each won an Excellent award, and costume construction for "Cabaret" by Desmond D. '18 also earned an Excellent.

In the new category of Improvisation, the team of Brittany S. '19 and Humberto R. '19 won an award of Superior. The team of Jay C. '21 and Carson L. '21 won an Excellent award and Madison F. '20 and Auston B. '20 threw their hats into the Improv ring last minute and won Excellent as well!

There are 60 registered thespians in the Upper School Troupe #5782 and 50 competed in One Acts and Individual Events at the District level. "So many new Thespians this year and to succeed at such a high level is a testament to their hard work," said Director Will Eyerly. "The troupe is young with only a handful of seniors, so the future is extremely bright."

The International Thespian Society is an international honor society that recognizes academic achievement in general as well as achievement in the theatre arts specifically.