Canterbury MUN Wins Best Small Delegation

Congratulations are in order for Canterbury’s Model United Nations Club for winning Best Small Delegation at the Stanford University Model United Nations Conference. The event was held November 10-12, 2017, on the campus of Stanford in California. We are also proud to share that the majority of the team was recognized individually, despite competing against more than 600 other students from more than 15 Californian schools.
Kelly O. ’18 represented South Africa in the World Health Organization focusing on strategies to allocate genomics research and quell the perpetuation of antimicrobial resistant bacteria on an International Scale. Kelly worked with a great number of delegations to supply ample resolutions to those of these dilemmas. For her work and commitment in the committee, Kelly won Best Delegate and helped the team to bring home the Best Small Delegation Award.

Emma N. '18 worked on the United Nations Environmental Programme to combat the effects of climate change in the Great Barrier Reef and Amazon Rainforest. She cooperated with her committee and bloc to create comprehensive solutions, one of which passed with a supermajority. Emma’s strong work ethic was rewarded with the Outstanding Delegate award.

Jamie G. '20 won the Outstanding Delegate award in the United Nations Development Program representing Malaysia. She led a bloc tasked with solving the famine in South Sudan. She talked about first solving the civil war in South Sudan by implementing community activities between warring ethnicities to promote the cooperation of both sides, as well as immediate food aid through air dropping and mobile health clinics.

Emma M. '20 received an Honorable Mention in the Southern African Development Community where she represented South Africa. She worked on the topic of Chinese investment in Southern Africa in which she sponsored and passed two resolutions on an African Free Trade Agreement and Foreign Investment Transparency with Anti-Corruption measures.

Zander G. '19 was a part of the United States Constitutional Convention of 1787. The committee was tasked with creating a new framework for the young nation. Zander represented Robert Yates, an antifederalist from New York, and worked to protect the rights of the states and the people in the new document. Zander won an Honorable Mention for his efforts.

Michael M. '19 received a Verbal Commendation in the Joint Crisis Committee - Trojan War: Greeks representing Odysseus. In committee, he worked alongside his fellow Greeks to gain the safe return of Helen to Menelaus from Troy. He passed resolutions to fling cows over the walls of Troy to begin the acts of biological warfare. In the end, he used the Trident of Poseidon, while enchanted by Athena to tear down the walls of Troy before Hera killed everyone out of anger, due to the misuse of cows.

Kristen D. '19 won a Verbal Commendation representing Malaysia in the World Health Organization. In committee, she discussed the ethics behind genomics and worked to combat drug-resistant bacteria. During committee, Kristen focused on genetic research in developing countries and limiting the unnecessary use of antibiotics.

Sean O. '18 represented Henry. L Stimson in a US World War II Cabinet. He used his authority as Secretary of War to mobilize troops against the USSR and the Communist Party of China. Furthermore, behind the scenes, he worked to broker deals between CPC defectors and the United States. He was responsible for passing several vital directives.

Maxine A. '18 passed multiple resolution papers in the Southern African Development Committee where she represented Malaysia. She worked with many other delegations to build bridges, not walls. The debate centered around Chinese investment in Southern Africa. She worked to write resolutions involving health care and humanitarian aid.

Mark L. '20 represented Malaysia in United Nations Environmental Programme. He helped lead a bloc focusing on the crisis involving the deterioration of the Great Barrier Reef. On the second topic of the deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest, Mark sponsored a paper which focused on a comprehensive solution to regulate the Brazilian lumber market.

Colton S. '19 debated the topics of the famine in South Sudan as well as the Latin America Economic Crisis in the UNDP. Colton debated about the relocation of food distribution centers from war zones in South Sudan. Colton was on the author's panel and a sponsor on a paper regarding agriculture, infrastructure, and food distribution.

Simrun V. '19 represented Alicia Garza in the Black Lives Matter committee. She worked alongside many other delegates to create a comprehensive solution to the issue of topics such as institutionalized racism and police brutality. She sponsored two papers that both passed.

Special thanks to Mrs. Frazier and Mr. Grey for chaperoning the trip to California. Mrs. Frazier would also like to recognize all of the teachers at Canterbury for teaching the research, writing, and critical thinking skills necessary for our students to excel at a national level.