Science Olympiad Team Wins First Place

Congratulations to Canterbury School’s Science Olympiad Team on winning first place at the Science Olympiad Regional Competition on January 20, 2018, at Florida SouthWestern State College.
Science Olympiad is a competition for the middle and high school students where they engage in hands-on, interactive, inquiry-based activities that are lab-based, research-based, or prebuilt. Teams are comprised of up to 15 students and a coach. They compete in several different events based on the following subjects: physics, chemistry, earth-space science, biology, and engineering.    

Our team, Canterbury Researchers, competed in 16 out of 16 events planned for the Regional competition. They won 10 sets of medals, received the first place Cup for the team and an invitation to participate the State Competition to be held on March 24 at the University of Central Florida.  

Thank you to Dr. Pasishnyk, who served as the coach for the team, and to our teachers, Mr. Hedman and Mr. Haughey, who helped during the competitions. We would also like to recognize Sean O. ’18 as the Science Club President and Team Coordinator, as well as Caitlin M. ’18 as the Team Captain.

Here are results from the separate events:

Anatomy & Physiology – First Place
Caitlin M. ’18 and Sebastian A. ’20

Astronomy – Fourth Place                                    
Zach L. ’20 and Jacob X. ’19
Chemistry Lab – Second Place
Caitlin M. ’18 and Kendall F. ’19
Dynamic Planet – Third Place         
Sarah E. ’18 and Jacob X. ’19
Helicopters – First Place
Jacob X. ’19 and Jay C. ’21
Herpetology – Second Place
Sarah E. ’18 and Danica S. ’19
Hovercraft – Fourth Place  
Ian O. ’18 and Jay C. ’21
Material Science – Third Place      
Caitlin M. ’18 and Travis R. ’18
Microbe Mission– First Place  
Gina A. ’19 and Sebastian A. ’20
Mission Possible – Second Place
Travis R. ’18 and Sebastian A. ’20
Mousetrap Vehicle – Fifth Place
Ian O. ’18 and Desmond D. ’18
Optics – First Place
Travis R. ’18 and Irene T. ’18
Rocks and Minerals – Fifth Place  
Zach L. ’20 and Kendall F. ’19
Thermodynamics  – First Place
Irene T. ’18 and QiQi L. ’18
Towers – Fifth Place
QiQi L. ’18 and Desmond D. ’18
Write It Do It – Fifth Place
Danica S. ’19 and Kendall F. ’19