Canterbury Students Excel in National French Contest

Canterbury School would like to congratulate our students for a phenomenal performance in The National French Contest, Le Grand Concours. This annual competition is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. Students of French in grades 1-12, in all 50 states and abroad, take a written test and compete against students with similar educational backgrounds for prizes.
The scoring is as follows:   

Platinum - Perfect Score
Gold - 95th percentile
Silver - 90th percentile
Bronze - 80th percentile
Mention d'Honneur - 75th percentile

Andres S. ’23 made no mistakes on the test and earned a Platinum medal along with an inscribed plaque. There were three Gold recipients, Zander G. ’19, Cole M. ’21, and Maya A. ’21. The following students earned Silver medals: Rocio C. ’22 (took Level II test), Andres H. ’20, Emma M. ’20, and Jasmily S. ’20. Jasmily took the Level IV test as a sophomore.  

Those who earned Bronze medals were Jasmine S. ’23, Anna D. ’21, Selin H. ’21, Mark L. ’20, Ingrid L. ’20,  grade 10, Humberto R. ’19, Sophia Y. ’19, Lou-isa C. ’19, and Kyanah F. ’18.

This year Mme Ida Bonnemere introduced the exam to students in the fifth and sixth grade. Another  Bronze medal was earned by Anika K. ’25.

Among those to earn a Mention d'Honneur were Parker E. ’25, Katie R. ’24, Raphael A. ’23, Mia H. ’23, Julian V. ’23, Kyla K. ’22, Lilli H. ’21, Jessica M. ’21, Sara M. ’21, Marina C. ’20, Amelia M. ’20, Christian M. ’20,  Samantha S. ’20, Luke L. ’19, Danica S. ’19, Emma N. ’18, Angie P. ’18, and Julia R. ’18.

Considering the difficulty of this exam, Mme Bonnemere and Mme Wilbur are very proud of their students and these remarkable results.