Mindfulness Speaker Visits Canterbury

Canterbury School faculty and staff enjoyed a lesson in mindfulness this week as they prepared to welcome back students for the new school year. Sarah Stuart is a top mindfulness instructor and the CEO of The Really Mindful Group.
Sarah completed her Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Fundamentals training at the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Sarah has taught mindfulness at top global law firms, companies, investment banks, universities and sports organizations/leagues as well as to individual business leaders and athletes. Prior to stepping into mindfulness training, Sarah received her law degree from Harvard Law School and worked as an in-house lawyer at Reebok, the National Basketball Association, and Simon & Schuster. Click here to read Sarah’s full bio. Sarah also has two nieces that attend Canterbury, Annabella E. ’31 and Elizabeth E. ’26.

Sarah shared many hands-on mindfulness techniques with our faculty and staff that aim to increase well-being and performance. She noted that there is no “one way” to practice mindfulness and that it is important to try out different techniques. She encouraged our faculty to introduce mindfulness to our students early on in the school year to help our students create positive mental habits.