Lower School Entrepreneurship Students Find Solutions for Local Business

This semester fourth-graders at Canterbury enjoyed their first project with our LIFT OFF Entrepreneur Program. The goal of this program is to help our students develop the skills necessary for our world’s 21st-century economy: collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and adaptability.
The students started off their project with a visit to The Pecking Order, a restaurant and catering company on Sanibel. The business owner, Bridgit Stone-Budd, shared a couple of challenges she was facing including a lack of indoor seating and improving the marketing of her restaurant.

Following the visit, the students worked for several weeks to come up with solutions for The Pecking Order. All three groups of students showcased their ideas to Bridgit with a final presentation on November 13. The students presented plans for social media and creative merchandise as well as proposing that the business move to a new location. Bridgit was very impressed with their presentations. “I just want to say that what you kids did today is what I did in college,” shared Bridgit. Less than a week after the presentations, The Pecking Order shared via social media that they were looking for a larger home for the restaurant.

“The students did a fantastic job. You could tell they really enjoyed the challenge and working together as a team. I am very proud of their work and I am looking forward to seeing what our students accomplish as the program continues to grow,” shared Jennifer Stephenson, Director of Instructional Technology and Innovation K-12.

The LIFT OFF Entrepreneur Program will continue in our Lower School next semester as the other half of our fourth-graders work to solve problems of another local business.