Middle School Students Create Disaster Relief Nonprofit

A group of our Middle School students is showcasing the importance of giving back to those in need. Kristina P. ’24 started the nonprofit club called Kids Care Disaster Relief to help those victims impacted by Hurricane Michael by selling custom bracelets.
“The reason I came up with Kids Care Disaster Relief is because I saw pictures of the devastation on the news of Hurricane Michael. I know how hard it is to go through a hurricane because I went through Hurricane Irma last year,” shared Kristina.

The club now includes several other Canterbury students including Marlon E. ’24, Maya S. ’24, Nino E. ’25, Colin C. ’24, Olivia H. ’24, Ellie A.’24, Kat S. ’24, and Delaney F. ’24, as well as students from other area schools.

Recently, the students traveled to the Florida Panhandle to present Mexico Beach Mayor Al Cathey with a check for $9,321. “It was amazing,” Kristina told The News-Press. “The mayor was so thankful and amazed that we cared so much. He was proud of us.”

The club's efforts are still underway with the goal to help victims of other current and future national disasters within the United States, including the wildfires in California.