Rising Grades 5-8
Dates: June 12-16
Times: 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. 
Cost: $250
Instructor: Cape Coral Rowing Club

Learn about Crew Rowing at this summer's Rowing Camp!  Crew rowing is one of the oldest Olympic sports and is growing rapidly.  At Rowing Camp, you'll be taught the basic mechanics of the rowing stroke.  You'll learn about the different sizes and classes of rowing shells and how to handle an oar.  Best of all, you'll get to go out on the water with a crew and take some strokes yourself!
You don't need to bring any equipment to Crew Camp, but you do need to avoid wearing very loose-fitting shorts, as they may get caught in the seat tracks of the rowing shells.  Bring a water bottle and make sure you have sunglasses and sunscreen.
Rowing Camp is open to all students of middle school age and higher.  No prior experience is necessary.  All instruction will be handled by certified coaches from the Cape Coral Rowing Club.  Rowing shells will always be accompanied by a safety boat on the water.