About Us

Mission + Vision

The Canterbury School is dedicated to academic excellence within a caring and supportive community emphasizing character, leadership, and service.

Our Leadership & Vision

Canterbury’s history is rich in leadership and vision by those who have come before us as donors, visionaries, and volunteers. Together they have set the course for what Canterbury is today, a well-respected educational institution producing students who are prepared for success in college and beyond.

For more than five decades, Canterbury School has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to academic excellence, preparing students to excel in the world. From its first faculty member in 1964, Canterbury’s outstanding faculty has nurtured the individual potential in each student. They challenge, support, and recognize the individual learning journey of a diverse student body.

Today’s mission of academic excellence, leadership, character, and service are evident by the contributions of more than 1000 Canterbury alumni all over the world. Our work continues to honor our rich history while envisioning our next 50 years of service.

Board of Trustees 2018-2019

Chair – Mr. Todd Caruso
Vice-chair – Dr. Lee Lucas
Treasurer – Mrs. Lori May
Secretary – Dr. Laertes Manuelidis

Honorary Life Members

Mr. Albert Frierson
Mr. James F. Garner
Mrs. Susan T. Hamilton Mahan
Mr. Charles Idelson
Mr. David Lucas
Mr. Robert Taylor

Board Members

Dr. Rie Aihara
Mr. Ryan Benson '99
Ms. Suzanne Boy
Mr. Dominic Cameratta
Mr. Joe Catti
Mrs. Susan Chicone '99
Mr. Michael Damiani
Mrs. Elizabeth Dosoretz '98
Mr. Chauncey Goss '84 (Chair Emeritus)
Mrs. Li-Su Javedan
Mr. Rick Kirschner, Ex-officio, Head of School
Mr. David Leatherwood
Mr. Marc Mascarelli (Fathers Club Representative)
Mrs. Anne Marie Meadows '01 (Alumni Representative)
Mr. Patrick M. Pickett
Mrs. Elke Podlasek (Mothers Club Representative)
Mr. Tarek Salhab
Mrs. Deena Schwartz
Dr. Amy Stanfill
Ms. Trudi Williams

2019-20 School Administration

List of 4 members.

List of 6 members.