Arts Honor Society

The Canterbury School Arts Honor Society is designed to bridge both the Visual and Performing Arts and to reflect and recognize the outstanding commitment and excellence of our Upper School artists.
Under the guiding principles of Canterbury School’s motto, “Education, Character, Leadership, Service,” all students electing to pursue an “Arts Concentration” in the Upper School who are accepted and enrolled in the Canterbury School Arts Honor Society will have additional academic, leadership and service requirements.

Students accepted to the Canterbury School Arts Honor Society will declare an Arts concentration in one of the following: Visual Fine Arts, Music or Theatre (Theater or Musical Theatre). An interdisciplinary concentration may also be possible. Students will be required to take 4 full credits in their chosen area of concentration, as well as one additional class from another Arts discipline. Students must maintain a GPA of 3.5 in all Arts curriculum classes and demonstrate proficiency in their chosen area of concentration. Furthermore, students should maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 in all other core classes while enrolled in the Canterbury School Arts Honor Society. Additionally, ACP students will be evaluated at the end of each year to ensure they are on track and meeting the standards of their chosen track. Students will work closely with a mentor from the Arts faculty throughout their involvement in the ACP program.

Application forms will be accepted in the Fall (for the current year) and in the Spring (for the following year). Forms are available from the Arts Department.

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