Continuous Enrollment

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  • What is Continuous Enrollment?

    · Continuous Enrollment is a common-sense approach to enrollment that is followed by almost all colleges and is being adopted by many independent schools nationwide.
    · Rather than an opt-IN annual re-enrollment process, Continuous Enrollment is an opt-OUT process. In other words, if you’re returning to Canterbury after initially enrolling, you will never have to fill out another re-enrollment contract.
    · We are assuming that you are going to return, unless you inform us by completing the online OPT-OUT FORM before February 1.
    · No student will be considered for re-enrollment for the succeeding academic year unless their billing account is current, and they are in good academic standing.
    · Canterbury reserves the right to withdraw acceptance and terminate the enrollment contract based on determinations made by Canterbury in its sole discretion, that the Student did not satisfactorily complete the school year either academically or behaviorally.
  • How do families financially commit to returning each year?

    · Tuition rates for the following year will be made available to parents on the School website during the last week in January.
    · Enrollment deposits will remain at 20% of the next year’s tuition.
    Deposits will be billed to your FACTS account on February 1 and are due by February 15.

    · Your child's space for the upcoming school year will be secured by remitting your 20% deposit by the Feb. 15 due date.
    · If you notify us by February 1 that your student is not returning for the following academic year by completing the online OPT-OUT FORM, we will reverse the deposit charge. Otherwise, it will be due and non-refundable.
    · Canterbury's Monthly Payment Plan will be spread over 9 months instead of 10 so that you will be relieved of a monthly payment in February when deposits are due.
    · FACTS will continue to bill parents under the same Tuition Plan and, if elected, for the TRP Insurance for the duration of the student’s enrollment unless the parent requests the change in writing to the Finance Office.
  • My child is in the Extended Day Program. How does that affect Continuous Enrollment?

    · Because participation in those programs varies from year to year depending upon a family’s needs, registration for them is treated separately and does not affect Continuous Enrollment.
  • I am enrolling a new sibling of a current student. What do I need to do?

    · Enrolling a sibling of a current student is the same as enrolling a new student. Each student will have their own Continuous Enrollment Contract. See the Admissions Website for detailed application instructions.
  • Does our family need a FACTS account?

    · Yes, all families must have a FACTS account for tuition collection. In addition to automatically collecting tuition payments, FACTS will manage the collection of the annual tuition down payment and other fees as needed.
    · Those families who already have a FACTS account do not need to register for one again. Those who do not have a FACTS account should create one as soon as their child is accepted to Canterbury School. The process is online and simple.
  • How is the Continuous Enrollment down payment collected?

    · The annual tuition down payment will be drawn from your FACTS account on February 15 unless the School receives an OPT-OUT FORM from you before February 1.
  • What if I am behind in my account?

    · All accounts must be current in order to keep your continuous enrollment status active.
    · Tuition assistance will only be awarded when accounts are current.
  • What will the tuition be next year?

    · Tuition rates for the following year will be made available to parents on the School website during the last week in January.
  • Is there a penalty if I opt-out and then decide to enroll later?

    · Families who complete an online OPT-OUT FORM and later decide to enroll must follow the procedure for new applicants and contact the Admission Office for space availability. There will be no guarantee of a seat for that student.
  • I have a question which has not been answered. Whom do I contact?

    · For additional questions, please feel free to contact our Admission Office at (239) 415-8945 or our Finance Office at (239) 481-4323.