Lower School


The Lower School curriculum focuses on using many hands-on and interactive lessons to build a strong foundation in the following core subjects: language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.

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  • Arts

    The Arts are used to encourage whole-brain functioning, to open eyes to new perspectives and insights, and to stimulate and motivate the inner person. All Canterbury Lower School students explore both the visual arts and performing arts, as well as begin to develop their vocal and instrumental skills in music.
  • Service

    Lower School students view community service as a way of living responsible lives. Giving support to others begins in the classroom with peers. Respect and responsible behavior are nurtured through classroom meetings and ongoing projects. These behaviors and attitudes extend beyond the campus, age-appropriately.
  • Field Studies

    Field study activities at all age levels provide students with holistic learning opportunities. Every study is connected to concept development. Greater understanding and targeted skill competencies are consistently achieved and demonstrated by the students. Field studies include activities such as participating in educational programs at the Kleist Education Center at Florida Gulf Coast University, visiting a local grocery store and other community-based businesses as part of a unit on nutrition, or learning about marine wildlife while studying at Torpey's Tank, Canterbury's 1,000 gallon marine touch tank.
  • Clubs & Enrichment Programs

    Opportunities for learning and experiences often extend beyond the academic day at Canterbury School. Each semester our teachers lead various clubs after school that allow students to further explore their love of reading, science, mathematics, science, the arts, or technology. Canterbury also offers a wide array of after school enrichment programs for a fee. Programs include activities such as karate, sports, 3D printing class, and theatre.
  • Technology

    Technology is used to support, enhance, and extend the Lower School curriculum each and every day at Canterbury School. From robotics and drones to coding and 3D printing, our technology program is designed to equip our students with the 21st century skills they need to think globally, lead with innovation, and change the world well into the future. In addition to our Technology Lab and Science Discovery Center, we also integrate technology into every classroom through our one-to-one bring-your-own-technology program. Read more about innovation at Canterbury on our Technology page.