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  • Photo of Frank Turco

    Frank Turco 

    Athletic Director
    (239) 481-4323 x411
  • Photo of David Manzi

    David Manzi 

    LS Physical Education Teacher, Assistant Athletic Director
    (239) 481-4323 x403
  • Photo of Derek Carlson

    Derek Carlson 

    US/MS Physical and Health Education Teacher, Admission Associate
    (239) 481-4313 x413
  • Photo of Carrie Lundy

    Carrie Lundy 

    Physical and Health Education Department Chair, LS Physical Education Teacher, Volleyball Coach
    (239) 481-4323 x402
  • Photo of William Eyre

    William Eyre 

    Administrative Assistant - Athletics
    (239) 481-4323
  • Photo of Andre Balykov

    Andre Balykov 

    Athletic Trainer
    (239) 481-4323 x407