At Canterbury School, we believe that athletics are an integral part of our overall educational experience. Therefore, we are committed to providing our student-athletes with an outstanding athletic program.

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Athletic News

Meet the Athletic Team

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  • Photo of Frank Turco

    Frank Turco 

    Athletic Director
    (239) 481-4323 x411
  • Photo of Amanda Jones

    Amanda Jones 

    Administrative Assistant to Athletics
    (239) 481-4313
  • Photo of Trent Carter

    Trent Carter 

    Associate Athletic Director
    (239) 481-4313 x711
  • Photo of Tariq Humes

    Tariq Humes 

    Middle School Athletic Director
    (239) 333-3282 x302
  • Photo of Derek Carlson

    Derek Carlson 

    Admission Associate
    (239) 481-4313 x413
  • Photo of Corinne Green

    Corinne Green 

    Athletic Trainer
  • Photo of Stacy Sizemore

    Stacy Sizemore 

    Head Football Coach