Canterbury Students Exceed National, State, and Local ACT and SAT Averages

On November 14, 2019, Canterbury School released its official 2018-19 ACT and SAT scores. In comparison to national, state, and local scores, Canterbury students scored higher in subject categories and in the overall composite.
ACT composite scores show Canterbury at the top with a 26.5, while reports show that Lee County students and statewide public high school students scored a composite of 19.6 and 20.1 respectively. The reported composite score for public and private school students, nationally, was 20.7.
Not only is Canterbury leading in the ACT, but it is exceeding national, state, and local averages for the SAT as well, reporting a total average of 1269 for the Class of 2019. The class earned averages of 635 in math and 634 in evidence-based reading and writing. In comparison to the national average of 1059, the state average of 999 and the Lee County average of 976, Canterbury continues to lead in standardized testing results.
Canterbury’s Director of College Guidance Melissa Wilson remarked, "Canterbury School is on fire academically. Our students seek academic rigor with enthusiasm. More importantly, they truly love to learn. The motivation I see in my students today is simply extraordinary. If you are seeking inspiration or hope for the future of our world, talk to a Canterbury student. The colleges and universities who visit Canterbury School each fall consistently comment on how well-spoken and respectful our students are. I'm honored by their comments, but I am not surprised. It's cool to be smart at Canterbury. It's cool to be well-versed and eloquent. It's cool to really care."