Upper School Band Members Compete at District Solo & Ensemble Event

Canterbury Upper School band members traveled to Lehigh Senior High School the weekend of February 4th to participate in the District Solo and Ensemble Music Performance Assessment.  
Of the 16 students participating, 11 received 'Superior' ratings and five received 'Excellent'. 

"I am so proud of each and every one of these students," said band director Zachary Deeter. "They have worked their tails off over the past several months and it showed. Some of these students just started playing their instruments three to six months ago. It is a testament to their work ethic and their passion to perfect their instrument."

Congratulations to the below individuals for their performances: 


Isaiah A. '22- Piano Solo
Daniel Z. '22- Oboe Solo
Brenda Z. 22- Oboe Solo
Isaac R. '22- Snare Drum Solo
Travis H. '25- Trombone Solo
Ian S. '23- Trombone Solo
Abby K. '25- Bassoon Solo
Kaya L. '25- Snare Drum Solo
Jimmy G. '24- Alto Saxophone Solo
Chris M. '25- Flute Solo
Morgan B. '23, Isaish A. '22, Daniel Z. '22, and Joseph C. '24- Jazz Combo
Azarian L. '25- Alto Saxophone Solo
Luca F. '25- Baritone Solo
Ishaan A. '23- Trumpet Solo
Arnav A. '25- Clarinet Solo
Matthew K. '25- Trumpet Solo