Canterbury Hosts Inaugural Policy Debate Competition

The first ever Canterbury Policy Debate Competition was held on campus this past Saturday, September 17. Canterbury hosted visiting teams from Padre Pio Academy in Lakewood, Ohio. They flew in especially for this competition! 
Canterbury’s inaugural policy debate team was led by Mr. Dominic Cameratta, who did an amazing job prepping and coaching our students. The entire team, made up of two-person competition teams, included: Anika K. ‘25, Ella C. ‘25, Jessica M. ‘25, Julia W. ‘25, Aleef C. ‘25, and Olivia T. ‘25.  

Each round of competition consisted of 90 minutes with a challenging speaking schedule for both the affirmative and negative sides. The subject was a fictional scenario in which teams argued in the affirmative or negative about whether the United States should increase security measures in the areas of artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and cybersecurity in cooperation with NATO. 

Sophomore duo Anika K. ‘25 and Ella C. ‘25 took first place as a team. In the Individual Speaker Awards category, the results were as follows:
  • Top Speaker: Ella C. ‘25
  • First Runner-Up: Aleef C. ‘25
  • Second Runner-Up: Olivia T. ‘25
  • Third Runner-Up: Jessica M. ‘25 
Overall, Canterbury earned more speaker points than their opponents. Congratulations to all on a job well done! 
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