Canterbury Musicians Excel in Solo and Ensemble Competition

Congratulations to our Middle and Upper School musicians on their fantastic showing at the Solo and Ensemble Music Performance Assessment.

“Our students not only flawlessly performed their solos but also represented our school with excellent manners, attitude, and character that didn't go unnoticed by the judges and attending band directors,” shared Antonio Castillo, Director of Fine and Performing Arts. 

Please join us in celebrating our young performers. A special mention goes to our Upper School Jazz Ensemble for earning a Superior rating. This is only the third time one of our larger groups has received this award.  
Middle School Solos
Superior Rating:
Luca P. ’29, Alto Sax
Olivia R. ’27, Clarinet
Lily M. ’29, Clarinet
Lucy C. ’29, Clarinet
Liam T. ’29 Clarinet
Nathan D. ’27, French Horn
Riya S. ’29, Flute
Evan B. ’29, Euphonium
Kevin L. ’28, Trombone
Nicolas B. ’28, Trumpet
Kellen D. ’29, Trumpet
Braden B. ’27, Euphonium
Excellent Rating:
Elan R. ’27, Clarinet
Upper School Solos
Superior Rating:
Samantha T. ’26, Flute
Excellent Rating:
Chris M. ’25, Flute
Jazz Combo
Excellent Rating:
Morgan B. ’23
Ishaan A. ’23
Anthony C. ’25
Joseph C. ’24 
Jazz Ensemble
Superior Rating:
Arnav A. ’25
Ishaan A. ’23
Morgan B. ’23
Sophia B. ’26
Diego B. ’26
Joseph C. ’24
Anthony C. ’25
Preston F. ’25
Luca F. ’25
Tegan F. ’26
Jimmy G. ’24
Troy G. ’26
Matthew K. ’27
Abby K. ’25
Caroline L. ’26
Phoebe M. ’26
Chris M. ’25
Jacques M. ’26
Charlie S. ’26
Ian S. ’23
Samantha T. ’26
Noah T. ’26