Canterbury's Arts Honor Society Inducts Thirty-Five

Congratulations to 35 students who were inducted into the Canterbury Arts Honor Society last week in the Performing Arts Center!
The Canterbury Arts Honor Society guides, assists, and encourages our student members to attain their highest potential in all forms of art. It raises awareness of art education throughout our school and community while providing opportunities for our students to concentrate on their studies in Multimedia, Music, Theatre, and Visual Art.
Congratulations to all students on this well-deserved distinction!

Sophia B. '26
Atreyu B. '26
Tegan F. '26
Kaden K.'26
Caroline L. '26
Phoebe M. '26
Jacques M. '26
Samantha T. '26

Faith W. '25
Cheyenne M. '26
Alissia P. '26
Shennan N. '26
Polina S. '26
Maximus D. '26
Raffael E. '26

Zachary B. '24
Kat S. '24
Ashley W. '24
Mehereen C. '25
Stone C. '26
Sophia F. '26
Ainsley G. '26
Violet S. '26

Visual Arts
Harry D. '25
Andrea M. '25
Adeline P. '25
Caroline C. '26
Molly D. '26
Katie G. '26
Tati K. '26
Mackenzie M. '26
Olivia S. '26
Lauren T. '26
Samira T. '26
Mia W. '26